Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Scottish Championships 2015 - Day 3 - Where's the Blog??

I got to the venue this morning (day 4) and was asked, "Where is the blog, we missed it..."  I can only apologise, someone decided to have an SGM this morning, and my time was taken up with that!

So what happened on Day 3?  Well the arbiter team expanded with the Boss Man, IA Ken Stewart arriving.  We will have to behave ourselves from now on!

I'm watching you HOWIE!!!

 (actually Ken is brilliant to work with, as is Simon.  It gives Alex and I a chance to get caught up with everything else!)

Playing hall is pretty spectacular, we are in a sunken room and the surroundings are pleasing to the eye.  You get a good view from upstairs on the action below

View from the top

Overall not too bad at all.  Alex and I continue our woes with the computer.  It just does not seem to like removing players for byes and when we come to check it, they are still in.  I have had serious words with it!

On the playing front, we are down to just 3 people leading.  Erik Van den Dole, Ivan Fargo  Jacob Aagaard!  Who will be leading by the end of tomorrow!


  1. I cannot wait to be there.

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