Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Scottish Championships 2015 - Day 4 - Wow!, Just WOW!!!

Last job of the evening, write the blog for the day.  I was sent something for the website that simply blew me away.  Let me introduce Pia van Rossum and her magical abilities with IPad drawing.

When Pia finishes her games, she can be seen sitting upstairs drawing on her IPad. She has been kind enough to send some on to us that we have put on the website.  I have small versions here, the larger ones are on the website.

What an incredible talent!!  Pia if you are reading this, I have a challenge for you.  Do one of Alex (we always try to do something to embarrass Alex at some point!)

Speaking of embarrassing Alex, remember this gem from the Scottish in 2009???

Ah the memories...

Not a lot has been happening on the playing side.  I was in a bad mood after the SGM and thankfully everyone noticed and stayed clear until I had taken it out on the live boards.  Strangely they decided to behave today. they must have known :D  Not like me to be like that and I can assure you I am back to my usual manic self tonight!

On the playing side we have an overall leader, Eric van den Doel is a solitary 1/2 point ahead of the chasing pack.  Looking at the leading challengers for the Scottish title.  Jacob, Colin and Andrew Green are sitting in joint second with a further 10 Scots sitting a mere half point behind them.  It is going to get interesting going into the second half.

There has been some superb results by the juniors playing.  Ben Volland winning against a 1950 and the Smith sisters have been playing well.  Sarah drew with someone double her grade.

Poor Declan Shafi had to play his coach.  There is nothing worse than playing your coach as they know your game backwards!

On the whole, I have been really impressed with our juniors so far.  Some excellent performances that they can be proud of.  This is going to give them a really good boost going into the new season and it is times like this I am grateful that my tournament playing days are behind me.

Been a really good natured tournament so far, as always the players are making it a pleasure to be involved with the running of the tournament.  Without them and their support, we would not have a tournament!

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